Public Works Director

The Public Works Director is responsible for providing strategic direction, planning, supervising, and coordinating the efforts of the Public Works department. This includes maintenance/repair/construction of city streets; upkeep of all municipal buildings and fleet; overseeing the installation and maintenance of all traffic signals and signs; and the coordination of the engineering and GIS functions of the City. Listed below are just a few of the responsibilities.

  • Implementing policies and ideas adopted by City Council
  • Ensuring that all projects, operations, and functions of the City operate efficiently
  • Ensuring all Local, State, and Federal laws are followed by the City
  • Responding to citizen concerns
  • Evaluating the need for and developing plans and schedules for long-range public works programs
  • Ensuring the mission and goals of the Department are consistent with the City’s mission and goals
  • Providing direction and leadership consistent with the City’s overarching vision

Contact Info

Jason Waxley
P.O. Box 146